Michael Pluta

April 1961

                      MAD COW  History


Michael was born in Detroit Michigan to a Polish Immigrant mother and Polish father.   His mom was very creative, teaching him to draw, paint, sew, needlepoint, she was always  very encouraging.  Michael took many shop and art classes in Jr High and High School.

Michael went to Michigan State University and made money by painting Large reproductions of Album covers for friends,  Covers included the Bands:  Led Zepplin, Grateful Dead, Marshal Tucker, Yes, Nazareth and others. He graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.

Soon after graduating Michael packed his car and headed West for a job in El Monte CA.  He went to night school at the USC Executive program for an MBA in Finance.  He put roots down in Huntington Beach CA , got married and had 3 kids.

Michael divorced his wife in 2016 and was also laid off from General Electric after 27yrs at GE Capital. He began drawing and painting again.  He made a series of drawings for the Kawaii Piano Company,  a simple Picasso like Hummingbird in different aspects of flight together with the Japanese Kanji Characters for Kawaii’s 4 virtues, Honor, Passion, Dream and Soul. 

During this period, Michael also invented 20 plus products ,  6 are Patented and he has been trying to license them.   Maybe Shark Tank?  All of the products were fixes or solutions to various everyday problems and frustrations Michael encountered.  The products range  from his Cuve Sunglass covers to a blue tooth door lock, to a cell phone holder that slides into a cup holder,  and the list goes on and on.  

Michael contracted COVID on Christmas December of 2020.  He noticed that his heart was beating erratically, jumping from 65 bpm to 140bpm while sitting, soon  afterwards he was diagnosed with Atrial Flutter.  He had Cardio Version,  an out patient procedure where his Doctor used the crash cart paddles to electrically stop and restart his heart in order to re-synchronize/stabilize his heart beat.  While undergoing a  Lexiscan nuclear isotope test of his heart to check for blockages, scarring on his heart was detected and it was determined to be from a Heart attack. Could it have been COVID related?

It was during this time that Michael visited the Van Gogh interactive exhibit.  Inspired, he resumed painting again with a passion.  A blend of Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and Dali.   While playing piano one night for a friend, she commented “you should make a picture of a cow on a sofa looking down at me” and the MAD COW series was born.  A few days later the first painting,  “What?....UR HOME?" up on the wall.  The rest,  as they say, is history.  Michael continues to paint and invent products in Huntington Beach, CA